Paper Dolls

Listed below are the NEWEST 36 Paper Dolls. Click on a picture or name to go to a Paper Doll's personal page. All the Dolls listed here are in all other sections as well.

Paper Dolls applicants from Florida, Kentucky, Georgia, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia, Minnesota, and Arkansas have had their information and photos verified online with the state prison inmate data. As other states make this information available, inmates from those states will be checked, too.

If you want to look up one of the Paper Dolls who is in prison to verify their information, you may visit our Prison Links Page for some of the state sites that have that information.

Paper Dolls in Prison
3 dozen Newest and Updated Dolls

Southern Belle

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My name is Elizabeth but I prefer to be called Beth. I am currently incarcerated and I would love to start a new friendship through the mail. I've been incarcerated singe 2013 and I go home March 2015. I am very outgoing and love to have fun and laugh.

Hi, my name is Lorrie. I am a sassy 46-year-old who's interests include crocheting, beading, cooking, the outdoors, long walks and camping, watching movies, music and spending time with those I love and care about. 
I'm a genuine and honest person looking for real friendship and maybe more. I have many interests. Mostly, I'm an outdoors type girl. I love hiking and seeing beautiful scenery, horseback riding, camping and going to the beach. I'm an adventurous type person.

Hi, my name is Joy. I'm 28 years old, single and from Maryville, TN. I enjoy movies, music, trying new things and taking fun risks. I'm always looking to meet new people and try new things. I'm open-minded and always looking for a new adventure. 
Hello, my name is Danielle Stephens. I'm 24 years old. I have a 7-year-old (as of Sept 2014) little girl. Her name is Nevaeh. I like to play sports, love to laugh and have fun. I'm very loyal, honest and real.


Angelic Butterfly

My name is Danielle and I'm 35 years old. I've been at WCCW since October 2013. I love to run, jog and weight train. When I'm not in prison, I also love to hike and do other outdoor activities. I'm very active and very into fitness and nutrition.

I'm a 34 year old single girl looking for someone who wants a good friend, possibly more. I'm open to almost anything as far as relocation, age, gender. I enjoy doing anything that takes me outside and will try almost anything once!

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Hello, my name is Autumn and I am from Hillsdale, MI. I am very adventurous and always up for new places and things. My hobbies are singing, dancing, and writing. I love camping, fishing, swimming, 4-wheeling, jet skiing, etc. Basically, all outdoor activities.

I'm more than amazing. I'm wonderfully made. I'm not flawless, but even my flaws are perfect. I'm fun, smart, outgoing, and lovable. I'm looking for someone who is perfect for me, someone who enjoys life. I'm trying to look forward and stop looking back.

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Hi, my name is Cameron. I'm 32 years old and a mother of 2. I'm currently serving a 36-month sentence at Lowell CI. I have 2 sisters and an older brother.

Hello, my name is Janelle. I'm looking for someone to keep me company during these hard times. I'm fluent in Spanish. I would like someone who is not going to judge my past mistakes and be a positive influence in my life.

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Hi, I am a beautiful heterosexual African American woman who loves the Lord Jesus Christ and embraces each new day. I am confident in who I am and in whose I am. I have done over seven years in prison and believe I am all the better because of it.

Great minds think alike. I'm seeking a friendship and intelligent conversation. I'm a good listener. I have southern gracious manners. I'm educated and articulate. Write and take a chance on me. I'm a risk taker and an adventurous woman. I'm lonely, not desperate.

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Lonely Country Girl

Single white female who is looking for the same interest in a man. I'm very outgoing, caring, loving and most of all understanding. I believe in second chances. I enjoy all positive aspects in life. I love animals. I'm honest. I love all types of music.

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Very young, single, intelligent lady who fell into a bad crowd and was blind to a better life. I am in search of a man who is willing to love me and share a future together.

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I am a woman who is very open, honest, passionate, caring, and open minded. I'm energetic, loving, and have a giving heart. I'm strong minded, down to earth, warm, emotional, and sincere. 
I'm looking for someone who's down to earth and open minded. I'm very loyal and outgoing and am very passionate and considerate of one's feelings. I try to be a good listener, yet I'm firm when giving advice.


Fun, Feisty and Forty!

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Hello, my name is Joye. Most that know me call me Lovey. I'm a very lovable, friendly, free-spirited lady with a heart as good as gold!

I am a princess trapped in a secured castle. Do you have the power to break down these walls? Looking for a mental and emotional connection with a sugar daddy to have a future with. Are you that one?

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Hello, my name is Anayell Nieto-Rojas. I am seeking friendship that maybe one day can lead to more. I am a very loving, honest, caring, romantic, open-minded and religious woman.


Damsel in Distress

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Hi, thank you for stopping by. Hopefully this is the last profile you will ever have to click on. I am a fun, fearless female looking for my soulmate. Someone whose heart I can mend by giving him mine. All I ask is that he do the same for me.

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Hello Guys,

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The key to my freedom been violently tossed. 
I'm a really fun type of person. I love to travel and learn new things. I am very open-minded and love life. I'm looking for a true friend. I am a very independent type of person. I like to work for what I get because I've learned I appreciate it more.

Hi, my name is Miranda. I'm a very athletically inclined woman. I believe in staying fit. I have long brown hair, hazel eyes and I'm told a very warm and beautiful smile. I'm a nature lover. One of my passions is NASCAR racing. 
I am a very fun, easy-going, loving woman. I love God and look forward to bettering myself, growing as a person and creating the best future possible. I am very active, I love the outdoors, quads, fishing, camping, etc.

My name is Whitney Hardwick and I'm 25 years old. I'm smart, witty, and full of excitement. You never know what to expect out of me. I'm adventurous, entertaining, and fun to be around. 

Lonely, young and free!

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Hey, I'm Pam! I'm seeking new friends, both male and female, to correspond with in hopes of building a long-term relationship/friendship. I am very fun loving, loyal and always find the positive in every situation. I love to cook, spending time outdoors and most sports. 
Country single black female looking for a special someone to share her love with. That special someone whose real beauty lies within. Just just a lover but a friend. Someone understanding and open minded as myself who's willing to take a chance at love.