Paper Dolls
in Tennessee

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Paper Dolls in Prison
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Inmate Fraud
Happy, loving, outgoing, single white female seeking fun loving male for companionship or open to long-term relationship. Can be a city girl but prefer country life. Willing to please my partner in any way possible. I believe in honesty and loyalty to each other.

Hello, my name is Emma "Jean" Bilbrey. I'm an older lady with lots of love to give you. I'm spunky, not afraid to live my life to the fullest. I'm wishing to find an older gentleman to settle down with or just have fun with. I enjoy camping, fishing, hunting. 
I'm looking for someone to share stories with. I love to meet new people and find common interests. I love hearing about the world from other people's perspectives. My hobbies are my dogs (I train dogs for the Nashville Humane Association), horseback riding, water sports.

I have been doing time for many years. There are big plans for me. I just do not know what they are yet or who they include. I do not like liars. Mean what you say - say what you mean. I am honest, loyal, trustworthy, sincere, caring, loving and creative. 
Hi, this is Elisa. If you're reading this, I hope you are having a great day. Let me say first off that I'm hoping more than anything else to find my true soulmate. I'm not afraid of change or taking chances, but I have learned to make better choices in life.

I'm a very loving, caring, friendly, funny person. I like to laugh and I like to make others laugh. I'm an outdoors kind of gal. I'm from Michigan. I'm the oldest of 3 children. I have 2 younger brothers. 
I am a small town girl that likes to camp and fish, etc. I crochet in here to pass the time. I have to be moving around and staying busy because I'm somewhat hyper. I have not done a lot of traveling in my life so that is what I want to do when I get out.

I am: Passionate, intense, mysterious, adventurous, spontaneous, ambitious, optimistic and always cheerful. 
I enjoy watching movies and reading all sorts of books. I'm currently studying to get my GED then move on to more positive stable goals, possibly study to become a veterinarian assistant. I love animals. I enjoy being a mother to my son.

I am studying to get my license in cosmetology with future plans of opening my own salon upon release. I am very energetic with a love for traveling. I have the gift of gab so a conversation with me is always interesting. I love being a mother to my wonderful three sons. 
My name is Jessica, but my friends call me Elexis. I'm a country girl. I love fishing and horses. I am really into tattoos. I have quite a few, 39 to be exact. I love to read and draw in my free time. I also enjoy working on old cars and 4-wheelers.

I'm a 100% woman who's looking to meet a 100% man who's not afraid to show his feelings, wants and desires. 
My name is Sarrah, I am 38 years old, but still feel like I'm in my 20's. I'm looking for somebody to get to know, bond with and have a friendship with.

My name is Marquita Lewis. I am 29, single mother of one a young boy, currently incarcerated at the Tennessee Prison for Women. I am originally from California. I'm very carefree, open-minded, laid back. 
I'm looking for a friend or several to share my thoughts with. I'm pretty laid back. I like to laugh and try not to find things too serious. I can be extremely sarcastic, though - to the obvious.

Hi. My name is Taronda, but they call me China Doll. I'm 42 years old with 2 beautiful children I love and miss so much. They are my pride and joy. 
I am studying to be a paralegal and I am working on a sentence reduction in court.

Hello, my name is Dawnyel. I also have a nickname - Shortcake. I am looking for a friend to put a smile on my face while I'm dealing with these hard times of being locked up. 
My name is Januari Williams. I'm 35 years old. I love to play basketball, track, and volleyball. I love to read. I love to exercise. I have a sense of humor. I love a person with a sense of humor.

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